Request - Get your own personal application!
Whether you are in need of a personalized application to automate tedious and time consuming tasks or help you in your workflow, or any other reason.
You can make your request here and you will get your own custom build application!
Request information
Submitting a personal application request is completely free of charge and non-binding.
When you send in a request I will examine if it is possible to develop the application for you, if so I will contact you to discuss a possible solution.
After which you can decide if you want me to build your application, and then agree on a fair price for your project.

To be able to design the application you had in mind and to make it work just the way you want it to, there are a few things to keep in mind.
  • Describe what the problem is for which you are seeking a program to solve it.
    Please make sure you explain the bigger picture here as well, to be able to get a better view of your situation.

  • Explain how you think the application can solve the problem and/or list which options are available that could be related to a solution.

  • These are the features that are crucial to the useability of your application. So make sure you carefully list and explain these features.
    This will be used to determine wheter or not the development of your application is possible and realistic (given the time limit).

  • These are features that are NOT crucial, but rather would increase the ease of use or deployment possibilities of the applications.
    While these features are optional, I will still try to implement them if possible.

  • This is the graphical layout of your application which visually explains how it should work and behave.
    The best way to do this, would be to create a schematic visualisation of the application. With indications of buttons, textboxes,... and their function(s).
    And if important also the color scheme of the application.

  • This simply is the final delivery date. Or the maximum time you are willing to wait for the development of your application to complete.
    This will, depending on the type and complexity of your application, determine if it is possible to design the application for you.

  • If there is anything you wish to tell or ask which doesn't fit the above sections, you can put it under this section.