Twittalert is a very intuitive and user-friendly application that enables you to receive notifications about new tweets from your account whenever they appear on your timeline.
Version - Stable full release
Main features
  • Very clean and clear notification popups
  • Integrated mention, hashtag and url linking (all mentions, hashtags and url will be displayed as clickable links)
  • Support for included images directly from within the notifications
  • Support for included images in original size via fullscreen viewer
  • Support for retweets (shows the tweet by the person who made the original tweet, while displaying the person that retweeted it)
  • Support for discussions (shows the tweet that the original tweet is a reply to)
  • Support for embedded youtube videos (ability to play the video directly in the mediaviewer)
  • Automatic deactivation/activation of notification popups when the user becomes inactive/active again
    so you don't miss any tweets while you are away from your computer
  • Internal favourite system to remember tweets the user likes, and view them at any time
Extra features
  • Option to re-view all the tweets that have been displayed since the application started
  • Option to view a specific tweet by it's ID
  • And much more...
Application screenshots


Version - 2015/03/13

    Additions and Improvements
  • Added Tweet Text filter system (exclude tweets from being displayed based on their content)
  • Added Tweet User filter system (exclude tweets from being displayed based on the user)
  • Added Pause option (Right-click tray icon > Pause Twittalert)
    Which will allow you to temporarily stop Twittalert from displaying new Tweet notifications.
    Or allow you to stop currently displayed tweets from disappearing and disable their topmost nature.
  • Added 'Notification position' option to choose which corner of the screen to display notifications in
  • Added 'Notification direction' option to choose in which direction notifications appear
  • Added 'Notification cut-off point' option to mask off a part of the screen where notifications should fade out
  • Added 'Custom sound file' option to change the default sound that is played whenever a new notification is displayed
  • Added 'Overal volume' option to change the overal volume of sounds produced by Twittalert
  • Streamlined notification action buttons (replaced text with icons)
  • Added Retweet and Favourite counters of tweets to notifications
  • Tweaked behaviour of double clicking on Twittalert's tray icon to open the "All Tweets" list, so that this action can also be used to close any notifications or lists that may allready be open.
  • Tweaked behaviour of priority applications, so that notifactions are only held back when the application is actually being used
  • Added a maximum height for notifications (so a single notification can't cover the entire height of the screen, and therefore clipping of the close button)
  • Fixed an issue where new notifications would be displayed on top of the mediaviewer if it was allready open at the time of displaying the new notification
  • Improved UpdateInstaller code to be able to handle slow releasing file locks better
  • Tons of under the hood improvements

Version - 2014/08/02

  • Fixed a display problem when using Twittalert on a system with an increased DPI setting
    (Notifications will now be positioned properly instead of being cut off or completly out of the screen area due to the DPI scaling)
  • Fixed a bug in Notification's tweet content.
    (Links to embedded @mentions would use to the user's Display Name instead of their Account Name
    Therefor linking to an incorrect/inexisting Twitter profile page, this has now been fixed)

Version - 2014/07/12

    Additions and Improvements
  • Added the ability to download images embedded in Tweets directly from within the notification or fullscreen viewer (right-click on image > Download media)
    Feature request by Asen Anastassov
  • Added the ability to log yourself off from within the application (and log in as a different user)
  • Added explicit support for media site:
  • Added code to help bring the tweets viewer to the foreground when opening

Version - 2014/06/22

    Additions and Improvements
  • Made the 'All Tweets' Viewer directly accessible by simply double-clicking the Twittalert tray icon
    Feature request by Asen Anastassov
  • Fixed a UI bug where the Autorun setting checkbox would display a checked state, implying this setting is enabled even if it was disabled.
    (Although the checkbox would always display the setting as enabled, in this case the actual setting would still be enabled/disabled whenever the user changed this setting)
    Thanks to Asen Anastassov for reporting this bug

Version - 2014/06/14

    Additions and Improvements
  • General code cleanup
  • Tweaked the behaviour of the zooming in the mediaviewer to transition smoother between different focus points
  • Fixed a bug where invalid/corrupt data from the update server would incorrectly display the new update dialog
  • Fixed a small bug where the "Show/Hide Media" button wouldn't display the correct state in certain situations

Version - 2014/03/15

  • Fixed a bug where Twittalert would not initiate the authorization procedure when an authorization file existed but didn't contain valid credential data

Version - 2014/02/23

    Additions and Improvements
  • Added following settings (Access from Tray icon > Settings):
    • Run when windows start (Autorun when you turn on your PC)
    • Application filter (prevent notifications froms popping up when a certain application is running)
  • Added explicit support for ANY direct ( image links (big increase in inline media support)
  • Added explicit support for media site:
  • Isolated even more loading functions from UI thread to a Worker thread (increase speed and improve responsiveness)
  • Redesigned (Favourites/All) Tweets viewer to load tweets more effeciently and more user friendly
    Only the first tweets are loaded initially, while the rest will be autoloaded when needed
  • Improved zooming and scrolling functionality
    • Added ability to switch from zooming to scrolling by simply holding the SHIFT key
    • Added ability to reset the zoom percentage back to 100% (original size) by pressing the middle mouse button
    • Added more intelligence to the zooming behaviour by zooming at the focus point (mouse position)
  • Tweaked the opening of links from the application, to make sure they always open in the default browser
    + Added a mouse cursor indicator when launching the browser to provide visual feedback to the user that the link is opening (for slower machines/browsers)
  • Restyled scrollbars in the media viewer to match the application style
  • And many more...
  • Fixed a bug causing the updatedialog to crash
  • Added various checks/improved data handling to prevent exceptions/bugs
  • Fixed a rare bug in the Tweets viewer which in some cases caused the Tweets viewer to only show after a long delay
  • Fixed a design bug in the media viewer, causing the window not correctly fitting the screen (therefor hiding horizontal scrollbar when needed)
  • And other smaller bugs

Version - 2013/11/11

  • Updated to LinqToTwitter v2.1.10
  • Added support for playing a youtube video inside of the mediaviewer.
    Clicking on the video thumbnail in a notification with a linked youtube video will now open the mediaviewer with the youtube player off the specified video
  • Added explicit support for media site:
  • Added explicit support for media site:
  • Added explicit support for media site:
  • Added explicit support for media site:
  • Added explicit support for media site:
  • Added zoom functionality to the mediaviewer, simply scroll up or down to zoom in or out

Version - 2013/10/26

  • Full conversation support: Not only the tweet that is directly being replied to, but the entire conversation will now be embedded directly in the notification
  • Added Show/Hide conversation link to expand or collapse the conversation part of a tweet
  • Improved user interactivity when collapsing or expanding embedded tweet parts, all displayed notifications will now reposition themselfs to fill up any gaps or overlaps

Version - 2013/10/20

  • Conversation support: Tweets that are a reply to another tweet, will now have the tweet being replied to embedded directly in the notification

Version - 2013/09/28

  • Added explicit support for linked youtube videos, a thumbnail preview of the video will now be embedded directly in the notification

Version - 2013/09/14

  • Added selfupdating mechanism, application will now notify you when a new version is available and allow you to update with one click
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