Twittalert is a very intuitive and user-friendly application that enables you to receive notifications about new tweets from your account whenever they appear on your timeline.
Main features
  • Very clean and clear notification popups
  • Integrated mention, hashtag and url linking (all mentions, hashtags and url will be displayed as clickable links)
  • Support for included images directly from within the notifications
  • Support for included images in original size via fullscreen viewer
  • Support for retweets (shows the tweet by the person who made the original tweet, while displaying the person that retweeted it)
  • Support for discussions (shows the tweet that the original tweet is a reply to)
  • Support for embedded youtube videos (ability to play the video directly in the mediaviewer)
  • Automatic deactivation/activation of notification popups when the user becomes inactive/active again
    so you don't miss any tweets while you are away from your computer
  • Internal favourite system to remember tweets the user likes, and view them at any time
Extra features
  • Option to re-view all the tweets that have been displayed since the application started
  • Option to view a specific tweet by it's ID
  • And much more...
Application screenshots


Version - 2014/03/01

    Additions and Improvements
  • Added following settings (Access from Tray icon > Settings):
    • Run when windows start (Autorun when you turn on your PC)
    • Application filter (prevent notifications froms popping up when a certain application is running)
  • Added explicit support for ANY direct ( image links (big increase in inline media support)
  • Added explicit support for media site:
  • Isolated even more loading functions from UI thread to a Worker thread (increase speed and improve responsiveness)
  • Redesigned (Favourites/All) Tweets viewer to load tweets more effeciently and more user friendly
    Only the first tweets are loaded initially, while the rest will be autoloaded when needed
  • Improved zooming and scrolling functionality
    • Added ability to switch from zooming to scrolling by simply holding the SHIFT key
    • Added ability to reset the zoom percentage back to 100% (original size) by pressing the middle mouse button
    • Added more intelligence to the zooming behaviour by zooming at the focus point (mouse position)
  • Tweaked the opening of links from the application, to make sure they always open in the default browser
    + Added a mouse cursor indicator when launching the browser to provide visual feedback to the user that the link is opening (for slower machines/browsers)
  • Restyled scrollbars in the media viewer to match the application style
  • And many more...
  • Fixed a bug causing the updatedialog to crash
  • Added various checks/improved data handling to prevent exceptions/bugs
  • Fixed a rare bug in the Tweets viewer which in some cases caused the Tweets viewer to only show after a long delay
  • Fixed a design bug in the media viewer, causing the window not correctly fitting the screen (therefor hiding horizontal scrollbar when needed)
  • And other smaller bugs

Version - 2013/11/11

  • Updated to LinqToTwitter v2.1.10
  • Added support for playing a youtube video inside of the mediaviewer.
    Clicking on the video thumbnail in a notification with a linked youtube video will now open the mediaviewer with the youtube player off the specified video
  • Added explicit support for media site:
  • Added explicit support for media site:
  • Added explicit support for media site:
  • Added explicit support for media site:
  • Added explicit support for media site:
  • Added zoom functionality to the mediaviewer, simply scroll up or down to zoom in or out

Version - 2013/10/26

  • Full conversation support: Not only the tweet that is directly being replied to, but the entire conversation will now be embedded directly in the notification
  • Added Show/Hide conversation link to expand or collapse the conversation part of a tweet
  • Improved user interactivity when collapsing or expanding embedded tweet parts, all displayed notifications will now reposition themselfs to fill up any gaps or overlaps

Version - 2013/10/20

  • Conversation support: Tweets that are a reply to another tweet, will now have the tweet being replied to embedded directly in the notification

Version - 2013/09/28

  • Added explicit support for linked youtube videos, a thumbnail preview of the video will now be embedded directly in the notification

Version - 2013/09/14

  • Added selfupdating mechanism, application will now notify you when a new version is available and allow you to update with one click
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